Participating Leaders

Wilson Justin, Althsetnay

Wilson Justin was born and raised in Nabesna, Alaska, and comes out of a medicine man family. Justin, a member of the Althsetnay clan, served as President of the Ahtna Regional Corporation from 1991-1993. Justin has worked with the Mount Sanford Tribal Consortium (MSTC) since its formation in 1993 and is currently serving as the Executive Vice President. Justin oversees and helps run MSTC's variety of programs that include providing health care to Indian Health Service constituents, promoting and preserving language and culture, and the EPA/IGAP program. Following in the tradition of his medicine man lineage, Justin's work with MSTC can be summarized as an effort towards multi-generational recovery and wellness.

Read the transcript of Wilson Justin's interview on sustainability: Wilson_Justin_interview.pdf