The project has greatly benefited from the support of the below individuals and organizations. Thank you!

Each of the participating leaders
for sharing knowledge and perspective

Jan Haaken
Elizabeth Furse
Eric Mankowski
Wayne Wakeland
Virginia Butler
for project advising

The Systems Science and Psychology Departments at
Portland State University
for project support

PC Peri
Caleb Heymann
David Karabelnikoff
Flying Focus Video Collective
for video support

Craig Jacobson
Liz Woody
for general project support

Institute for Tribal Government
for project endorsement

Kelly Henry
Price McCloud Johnson
Jenessa Roberti
Derek Valldejuli-Gardner
Michelle Emery
Brianna Finney
Linda Rand
Luke Huffstodt
for research assistance

Donita Sue Fry
Gloria Stickwan
Feather Huesties
Seuzan Pierce
April Davis
Helen Morrison
for help with coordination

Derek Valldejuli-Gardner
Price McCloud Johnson
Clifford Miller
for website development

Insites Web Services
for website hosting

My family:
Lisa Lammert
Ronald and Sherry Hall
Loren Hall
for unending love and support

All others who chipped in for all the little things that make a big difference