Participating Leaders

Chairman Shawn Yanity, Stillaguamish

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Chairman Shawn Yanity grew up separated from his ancestral heritage. From 1980-1986 Chairman Yanity worked for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Fish Culturist and Fish Tagger. In 1995 Chairman Yanity returned to the homelands of the Stillaguamish people where he began his mission to personally reconnect with and to restore the rich traditions of the Stillaguamish. He served for six years as a representative on the Stillaguamish Tribal Council and was elected Chairman in 2004. He also serves as the Tribe's Fisheries Manager, is the Deputy Director of Safety, and a member of the Child Protective Team. Known for his ability to build collaborative relationships, Chairman Yanity's extensive efforts to sustain and strengthen the Stillaguamish Tribe and other regional work earned him recognition as a 2005 Buffett Award Honoree.

Read the transcript of Shawn Yanity's interview on sustainability: Shawn_Yanity_interview.pdf