Participating Leaders

Nichole Maher, Tlingit

Executive Director of the Native American Youth and Family Center(NAYA), Nichole Maher graduated Cum Laude from Oregon State University with a degree in Public Health and American Indian Studies. She also holds a Masters of Public Health in Administration and Policy from the Mark Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. Nichole has over 10 years experience in planning and implementing culturally specific education, social service, housing and poverty reduction programs with AI/AN Families. Nichole was born in Ketchikan Alaska and attended school in the Siletz valley of Oregon. Nichole is a member of the Tlingit and Haida Central Council of South East Alaska. Nichole serves on the board of the Portland Schools Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Portland Parks and Recreation as well as the National Urban Indian Family Coalition.

Read the transcript of Nichole Maher's interview on sustainability: Nichole_Maher_interview.pdf