Participating Leaders

Joeneal Hicks, Ahtna

Joeneal Hicks was born in the village of Mentasta, Alaska, the headwaters of the Copper River, and is a grandchild of Fred John, Sr. and Katie John. Upon returning home from service in the military, Hicks awakened to the value of his cultural heritage and saw the forces that threatened his people's way of life. Hicks has since committed himself to preserving the rich natural resources and cultural heritage of the Copper River Region. Hicks currently serves as the EPA National Resources Program Director for the Cheesh`na Tribal Council. In this position, Hicks manages numerous grants on a variety of issues, including water resources, transportation planning, waste management, air quality, and traditional ecological knowledge.

Read the transcript of Joeneal Hicks's interview on sustainability: Joeneal_Hicks_interview.pdf