Participating Leaders

Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, Aleut

Larry Merculieff was born and raised with a traditional upbringing on the Pribilof Islands of the Bering Sea. His traditional name, Kuuyux, was given to him when he was four and means extension of ancient knowledge into modern times. Through professional roles as well as writing, lecturing, community organizing, and advocacy, Merculieff has effectively linked traditional knowledge and wisdom with western strategies to deal with modern issues of community wellness and the health of the planet. Merculieff's was recognized for his leadership as an honored Finalist of the 2006 Buffett Award and also received the Environmental Excellence Award for his lifetime achievements from the Alaska Forum on the Environment, and the Native Writers on the Environment Award from the Alaska Conservation Foundation. Living in Anchorage, Alaska, Merculieff is currently creating the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeway to build a global network of indigenous elders to promote wisdom in humanity's thinking and actions.

Read the transcript of Larry Merculieff's interview on sustainability: Larry_Merculieff_interview.pdf